Our company was started by Robert "Bob" McDonald. After retiring from the Navy, he
worked his way up to partner of R.V. Martin Hardware in Miami, FL. He eventually left
in 1981 to establish his own hardware store, McDonald Hardware, in Hialeah, FL. The
store was successful until Home Depot opened a store directly behind McDonald
Hardware in 1991. That is when Bob relocated to Ft. Lauderdale and readied the
present store for opening, while still operating the Hialeah location. In order to attract
new customers, he decided to sell marine resin at cost, and it worked. This has given
McDonald Hardware the customer base that has made us so successful. After Bob's
death in 2000, the store was passed down to his daughter, Kim McDonald, who has
been involved in the business since her teens. She continues to operate the family
business with pride along with her son Michael.
We are located directly between the marina district and Port Everglades, and are
adjacent to one of Ft. Lauderdale's largest industrial parks and one of the area's
largest residential communities. This has allowed us to become one of the
community's leading residential, marine, and industrial suppliers. We pride ourselves
on being a "one-stop shop" with a much broader and deeper product line than most
conventional hardware stores, and as our motto goes "If we don't have it, we will get
it!" We have a large staff relative to the size of our store, a staff that is well-informed
about our products and services. This ensures a more personal and reliable
experience for our customers. McDonald Hardware is the ideal place to meet any of
your hardware needs!